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Mar 12, 2019

All the hype this NCAA season has surrounded one man, Zion Williamson. The hype is real as I have yet to watch a basketball player such as Zion. Too bad this isn’t Lauryn Hill’s son, as her decision to keep Zion would’ve been 100% confirmed if it was. There is a reason the tournament is called March Madness, and this year won’t be a letdown. The four 1 seeds, will be Gonzaga, Virginia, UNC and Kentucky. What’s great is all four of these teams can lose, and most likely will lose at some point during the tournament. Kentucky is the team out of this group to watch out for, especially since they’ve gotten better with time. The Big 10 is likely the most dominant conference, with plenty of firepower to account for. The SEC might be the most interesting conference, especially with Tennessee emerging as a top team in the nation. Then, there’s Auburn, who isn’t in the Top 25 but is capable of beating any team in the country on any given night. Let’s not forget about the Big East, where Villanova is always a threat. Despite a recent losing streak, Marquette has flashed signs of their D Wade and Steve Novak days. Since the conference tournaments haven’t started, it’s way too early to give predictions. Besides duke, who boasts a lineup of 4 freshmen that will all be 1st round picks, including the top 2 picks, Zion and RJ Barrett aka the Maple Mamba. Teams either have a plethora of experience, or talent, some with a combination of both. In college, success comes down to coaching, talent, belief, and magic. Teams have control over 3 of the 4 factors. Pay attention early on to teams who don’t get flustered easily and play system basketball. Otherwise, sit back, relax, take a break from taxes, fill out your brackets, and enjoy March Madness. This is Greg Landorf, that was New York Sports and Rhymes and I’ll return with a more detailed piece on this subject, at the appropriate time.