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Mar 27, 2019

The reigning CY Young, Jacob deGrom is coming off one of the most historical seasons by a pitcher in baseball history. How was he rewarded, originally, with a 1 year, 17.5 million dollar contract, while the Mets worked behind the scenes to hammer out a long-term deal? Did he threaten to sit the season out or demand a trade upon hearing this news, nope? Not once did he demand to be the highest paid pitcher in baseball. He doesn’t care what other players are making. He knows himself and he knows his value. He also knows the power of silence, especially when he had nothing to prove and his employer had everything to lose. Jacob deGrom is a man who possesses a quality called maturity; a foreign term to a plethora of would-be stars that proved incapable of performing while ignoring in New York. He trusted the process, letting his current and former agent, now Mets General Manager, Broadie Van Wagenen, come to terms on a long term deal, allowing Jacob deGrom to take his rightful place as the face of the new look Mets. Timing is everything, so is faith, and for the first time, I can unequivocally say, The Mets are being run by the right man, who’s plan will make believers out of the biggest skeptics who thrive off misery, your typical NY Met fan.