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Jul 17, 2019

Fortunate enough to have Thunder Insider, Andrew Ivy, join me to break down life in OKC after the departure of PG13. This was recorded a day before the Beard and Broadie decided to sync back up in Houston.

Q1. Tell me your initial reaction to the PG13 trade? Did you see it coming? Did you hear any rumblings or were you completely caught off guard?

  • Completely caught off guard, didn’t see it coming in the slightest.

Q2. Were the Thunder a contender this season if Paul George returned? Was change necessary?

  • No, they were a middle-tier team at best in the beast of the west

Q3. What are your thoughts on Russell Westbrook, especially as some who has been heavily involved with the franchise since they moved to OKC?

He’s been a focal point of the Thunder since their inception. Did they choose the right player to build around?

  • Nothing but love for Russ. Believes the thunder were a victim of poor coaching, allowing egos to become inflated, rather than placing the blame on Russ, Harden or KD

Q4. Was it wrong to feature Westbrook as the primary guard, not Harden? Especially, when Russell thrives playing out of position and could’ve continued his unselfish play in the NBA, keeping the original Big 3 in tact, after their first finals defeat. It was Harden’s heroics against Ginobili that allowed OKC to reach the finals.

  • Didn’t utilize Westbrook correctly, playing him off the point the way they did at UCLA when he burst on the scene. Harden, didn’t console him properly, thought that big 3 would never disband, and didn’t take the necessary action to make sure each player was happy with their ability to grow as a player and a man. If the coach was able to make the team bigger than the player, The Thunder would’ve been the best team the NBA has witnessed, probably not allowing the Warriors dream squad, which is built off discipline and execution as much as it is talent. OKC struggles with execution and cohesive play.

Q5. Was it possible to keep the BIG 3 In Tact? Where did the Thunder fall short in their efforts to keep James Harden?

  • Took it for granted; yet Presti is an excellent GM. It’s weird that he wants yes men as those are the very coaches preventing the Thunder from winning a title.

Q6. What is your preferred method regarding how the Thunder handle Russell Westbrook before the season starts?

Is there a certain team you’d like to see him join?

  • Knew he’d get traded. Found it interesting how Riley had the Heat in contention to pair Russ with Jimmy.
  • Presti has redeemed himself for those who believe he didn’t get enough in the PG13 deal.
  • He does right by his players.

Q7. What to make of the Oklahoma City Thunder once Westbrook leaves. What are the most important orders of business Sam Presti needs to take care of? Does the organization have issues when it comes to the salary cap vs the luxury tax?

Who, in your mind, is the right coach to take the OKC Thunder job, knowing they’re in a complete rebuild?

I have two people in mind, Mark Jackson or Dave Jaeger.

  • New Coach, except what coach with a track record will want to start the rebuild
  • Draft picks aren’t players
  • Package picks while rebuilding. Change the inside of the organization.
  • Not the end of the world and Presti is too savvy not to be left without anything.
  • Time to man up and let a coach run the show.
  • Great ball city, too much pride and excitement for OKC to be a bottom barrel team in the West.