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Mar 20, 2019

Head Coach Gregg Popovich and his San Antonio Spurs might be the most impressive team in sports. They’re the NBA’s version of the New England Patriots, except people enjoy rooting for them. Plus, you won’t find any MAGA hats lying around the Spurs locker room.

In fact, Greg Poppovich stands for social justice and isn’t afraid to speak out against the president. Coach Popp proves the positive impact sports can have on the world on and off of the court. Today I’m going to focus on their play, and how Pop’s system defies logic. They’ve made the playoffs the past 21 seasons, and just extend their streak to 22 tonight. To put things in perspective, the longest active post-season streaks in other sports include the Pittsburgh Penguins, who have appeared in 14  straight NHL Playoffs. The Seattle Sounders have rattled off 11 straight playoff appearances in the MLS. The LA Dodgers lead the Major Leagues with 6 consecutive postseason births. And the New England Patriots have appeared in the NFL playoffs the past 10 seasons. How is it possible for a franchise to more than double the Patriots in consecutive Playoff appearances? Despite being a basketball purist who can’t stand the modern day NBA’s emphasis on 3’s. Coach Popovich continues to evolve and the Spurs lead the NBA in 3 point FG percentage. This past summer, the face of the franchise Kawhi Leonard, demanded a trade. He was sent to Toronto along with Danny Green, who was essential to the Spurs success. San Antonio also said goodbye to two HOF’s, PG Tony Parker and 6th man, Manu Ginobili. This would spell rebuild for any other team, especially in the West, not San Antonio. Demar DeRozan, the key player they received in the Kawhi Leonard trade, has become a bonafide star. Demar is the 2nd most effective player when it comes to driving to the basket and finishing. The only player, who’s more effective in the NBA, happens to be Kawhi Leonard. As the 2019 NBA regular season winds down, Popp and Co. have rattled off 10 consecutive wins. Three of these wins have occurred against teams with the three best records in the NBA.

Getting hot at the right time isn’t a coincidence. The Spurs have been using analytics to their advantage well before Trump and the Republican Party knew how to spell data. With the playoffs right around the corner, of course, the Spurs are beginning to click on all cylinders.

Who knows how far San Antonio will go? Without a big 3, expect lockdown D, the ball to flow, and for the offense to switch tempo. I know no one in the vaunted western conference wants to see them in the first round. The Spurs were granted a year off and couldn’t take it, leaving the rest of us in amazement. This is Greg Landorf and that was New York Sports and Rhymes Despite spelling his first name with 3 G’s, Gregg Popovich might be the greatest coach in the wide world of sports that we’ll ever see.