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Topics include both sports and rap, remaining specific and compact, ensuring the material is worth the listeners time as nothing's equivalent to New York Sports and Rhymes.

Jan 24, 2020

From Rehab to Primetime. We Back.

Jul 24, 2019

The opportunity to play in the Knicks system without limits, serving as a vet on a young squad felt right in his chest. As does New York City and it’s hunger for success. The structure of the deal has rival execs pointing at the Knicks, labeling this signing as one of the off-seasons Best.

Jul 17, 2019

Fortunate enough to have Thunder Insider, Andrew Ivy, join me to break down life in OKC after the departure of PG13. This was recorded a day before the Beard and Broadie decided to sync back up in Houston.

Q1. Tell me your initial reaction to the PG13 trade? Did you see it coming? Did you hear any rumblings or were...

Jun 28, 2019

With NBA Free Agency set to begin on June 30th, I can’t help but think about the Rockets and Celtics. Why, because these teams highlight the right and wrong way to run successful NBA franchises. 

Brad Stevens has complete autonomy, allowing the Celtics to develop an identity where young players flourish. As a result,...

Jun 8, 2019

Are the Warriors supposed to receive sympathy? Are you kidding me? It’s too bad a Warriors minority owner hasn’t found a way to implement AI or Machine Learning in the NBA. I guess they’re too busy shoving opposing point guards anyway

The focus needs to be on David aka the Toronto Raptors. Despite being a rookie,...