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Topics include both sports and rap, remaining specific and compact, ensuring the material is worth the listeners time as nothing's equivalent to New York Sports and Rhymes.

Oct 10, 2019

New York Sports and Rhymes tackles concussions in regards to football and whether or not there's a future for the game? If so, what measures need to be taken to promote awareness regarding concussion protocols? I interview a concussion specialist, Doctor Mansi Vakil, the licensed author of Concussion and Sports.


Sep 8, 2019

Mets manager, Mickey Calloway, doesn’t help with his head-scratching decisions, especially towards the end of games. Mickey Calloway has all but run the Mets out of the postseason race. In doing so, he has successfully run himself out of town.

Sep 8, 2019

With the Giants starting the year in Jerry Land, Eli has now played the most games in team history. Doubt is at an all-time high, excellent. Official notice to the league, prepare to be surprised. The fun starts week 1. Please continue with the noise. Eli's redemption tour begins now, with a win against the Cowboys.

Aug 31, 2019

Winning was becoming contagious, as was momentum. No lead was safe for the opposition. Whether it was launching moon shots or spraying singles as they racked, rarely did the Mets leave men on base.

A season-high 6 game-losing streak in the middle of a playoff stretch is taking place. Immediately after the Mets...

Aug 31, 2019

Winning was becoming contagious, as was momentum. No lead was safe for the opposition. Any deficit they faced was almost instantly erased. Self-fulfilling prophecies are powerful. The Mets take it to a new level. If there’s a grave to be dug, just hand them a shovel. Forget getting swept; the Mets have been vacuumed...